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10 High-Performing Websites Whose Features You Should Steal

Will Melton December 23, 2021

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, and we know that creatives have to draw inspiration from somewhere. That’s no different for the Xponent21 team. I wanted...

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About On the MIC with MIKE

Hosted by the Partnership Guru Mike King, On the MIC with MIKE is the leading daily Social Enterprise Talk radio show in Metro Richmond. This show airs in a top 50 radio market and reaches 35,000 listeners daily. The program showcases the intersection of business, culture, innovation, and non-profits. Mike’s colleagues describe him as a connector—bringing people from different circles together—and dedicated. Mike consistently shows up for the community by giving exposure to local businesses and nonprofits. On the MIC with MIKE is one of the avenues he uses to accomplish this initiative. During 2021 MIKEKINGBIZRADIO donated 19,500 minutes of free airtime to business, community organizations and non-profits to share their message.

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